Fighting fraud in Bilbet India

The Bilbet brand is not only aimed at users from India. We operate in several countries, and our activity is confirmed by the official license of the Curacao Gambling Commission. This document not only becomes an additional guarantee of the safety and reliability of the site, but also obliges us to adhere to a clear policy against fraud.

The gambling industry is governed by various international regulations, which we follow exactly which we follow exactly to allow you the freedom to play at the casino. In addition, we comply with the laws of all the countries in which we operate. In particular in the areas of anti-money laundering and anti-fraud.

Bilbet fights fraud and protects your money.

Anti Fraud Policy

Any action on the part of the player, which could be qualified as an attempt to perform financial fraud, will result in temporary or permanent blocking of the account of the offender. In addition, we have the right to transfer personal information about the player to law enforcement authorities for further investigation.

To minimize the risk of fraud from unscrupulous players, we have implemented several important restrictions:

  • The security service may at any time verify the user’s identity when he tries to withdraw money;
  • Each player can only have one registed account. Re-registration is not allowed;
  • All personal data of users is verified during verification. Providing false information leads to blocking;
  • Automatic security algorithms check every financial transaction before it is approved;
  • Withdrawal of funds is possible only to the details belonging to the owner of the account.

If you suspect that any player is breaking these rules or committing fraud, please report it to the Bilbet support team.

Bilbet provides anti fraud policy.